Bear Bones

After recently finding and dissecting an owl pellet, I took inventory of the delicate bones within: possibly a vole or two.  Then, I sculpted a complementary environment of earthenware on which I could showcase the small creature’s skeleton.  The bones are metaphoric scaffolding for my educational philosophy, one that supports playing, exploring, questioning, and creating.  I designed a temporal work as an homage to my favorite science teachers, Mr. Fixman and Mr. Carney, and for two other reasons: (1) to nourish the earth after decomposing and (2) to document my ongoing transformation as an educator.  A more permanent work doesn’t seem fitting, as I continually strive to develop my craft.  By choosing to incorporate the verb to bear (instead of to bare) in the title of the work, I am declaring that my science teachers and their curriculum have left a mark on me both personally and professionally.

Size: 13” x 5”